Ahead Stereo

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McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable

The McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable may look like it’s just a turntable, but a closer look will reveal that it is in fact so much more. Besides playing both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl records, the MTI100 also includes a power amplifier, vacuum tube preamplifier section, phono preamplifier, auxiliary input, digital coaxial and optical inputs, Bluetooth receiver, subwoofer output, stereo speaker outputs and a headphone jack for personal listening.


Devialet Phantom Reactor

The Phantom Reactor is a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small. From 18Hz to 21kHz, feel every note with phenomenal purity, precision and richness.

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Sonus faber Sonetto Series

Sonus faber always found it's inspiration in the highest Italian culture. This time they entrusted the history of their Literature for representing the new Italian crafted Sonetto Collection. The Sonetto (Sonnet) is the most ancient Italian Poetic structure. Originally it meant "Sound, Melody" and was traditionally used to accompany musical performances. The bookshelf size Sonetto I and floorstanding Sonetto III & V are now on display.